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Guess Chinese Character

  • Chinese characters are like Lego building blocks?
    So many types of parts. So similar yet so different.
    Bewildering to pick the correct parts to use especially under Chinese spelling (听写) or exam pressure?

  • Why not harness the power of (1) a picture says a thousand words  &  (2) play?
    (1) It's much easier to differentiate & remember, e.g., 晴 vs 睛 as pictures of the sun & a green splatter vs pictures of an eye & a green splatter.
    (2) Play Guess Chinese Character.

  • Figure out the parts each picture represents. Assemble the parts (偏旁), and, presto, the character (字) appears.

  • Characters are drawn from:

    • Chinese character list from SG primary Chinese textbook《欢乐伙伴》

    • Chinese character/word list from SG secondary Chinese textbook《华文伴我行》.

  • Pick a collection to start guessing!

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