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Chinese Word Search - "way"

Don't these Chinese characters look so similar?



Which 2 characters form the Chinese word meaning "way"?

They can be found in 单元三 绿色生活 of Secondary 2 Express/Higher Chinese textbook《华文伴我行》.

"途径"? Correct.

Reinforce the word recognition & memory retention - hunt for the word in a sea of similar looking Chinese characters.

Start playing now. Start hunting for "途径"!

Search among lookalikes for the Chinese word 途径. The characters are from 单元三 绿色生活 of Sec 2 Express/Higher Chinese textbook 《华文伴我行》. The characters & lookalikes are set in a grid.

Ready to see the answer?

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Answer is right below. Scroll up if you are not ready to view the answer!

Answer for the word search 途径 circled in the grid of characters


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