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CNY lohei auspicious phrases

Family holding chopsticks & auspicious phrases card to toss yusheng (lohei)

Masked and muted, we are to do “without any verbalisation of the usual auspicious phrases” during lohei this year. Cannot lohei without the usual hollering? Try pre-recording the phrases or just use DJ Beng lohei app. Or, how about a more instagrammable alternative? Have folks hold cards showing the phrases as the ingredients are being added. 😅😂🤣😉

Besides the above hilarity, there are other fun to be had with the phrases. Turn them into fun cards. Play crossword with them.

CNY phrases - fun cards

With some printing (preferably on stiffer paper) and cutting, you can turn the first few pages of the downloaded PDF file into a deck of fun cards.

Fun cards (printed with CNY lohei phrases) and some of their uses

There are so many ways to use these fun cards:

⇨ play a lunar new year variation of a memory game (print twice so that you get matching cards)

⇨ put them up as part of your new year decorations

⇨ personalise them by painting the background (of those that have white background)

⇨ insert them into angpow (together with the money of course)

⇨ keep them with you for a sneak review before you say the greeting

⇨ play some form of card game with them (based on your own rules)

⇨ use them as flashcards.

CNY phrases - crossword puzzle

Need some familiarisation before saying the phrases? Do it the fun way. Play the crossword on the second to last page of the PDF.

Crossword puzzle based on CNY lohei auspicious phrases

Available for free download

These fun cards and crossword can be downloaded from as a printable file (PDF) which yields a phrase-ingredient listing (English-Chinese), a deck of fun cards and a crossword puzzle.


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