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Greeting all relatives as uncles or aunts

Familiar scenario?

Introducing my mother’s brother to my son …

“Come boy, say hello to … um ... er .. Uncle ….”

Another familiar scenario?

Greeting my father’s younger brother’s wife at Chinese New Year gathering …”

“新年快乐!舅母 … 不对 …伯母 …不是…啊…婶婶…”

Little girl hopeful to be no longer embarrassed or tongue-tied about addressing family members in Chinese

Be embarrassed or tongue-tied no more!

Learn about Chinese kinship terms such as 舅公 & 婶婶.

Pick up interesting trivia about addressing family members too.

Have fun with the Chinese Family Tree game.

This fun Chinese word game is debuting 2 Feb 2024.

Get the hang of the proper Chinese way of calling family members or relatives.

No more greeting all relatives as uncles or aunts!

Mark your calendar!


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