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How are stiXzzle puzzles different from traditional crossword puzzles?

stiXzzle puzzle vs traditional Chinese crossword puzzle

Stickers vs writing

When solving a stiXzzle puzzle, answers are not written in the puzzle squares. Instead, the player looks for the sticker printed with the answer, and pastes it. More fun? You bet!

Hints - another source of inspiration

When clues are insufficient to solve a stiXzzle puzzle, the player can check out the hints for additional help.

Bilingual clues & hints

stiXzzle clues & hints can be a mix of Chinese & English - we leverage English to teach Chinese where appropriate.

Example 1

Clue: Hiccup 的好朋友是一头叫Toothless 的黑色 __ __ (flying dragon)

Hint: 第二个字的汉语拼音是 lóng

Example 2

Clue: 我早上一起生身就会跟爸爸妈妈说 __ __

Hint: good morning


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