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How to choose a stiXzzle puzzle

Kid wondering how to choose a stiXzzle puzzle


First, choose a series.

stiXzzle puzzles are organised into series based on themes like food etc. Start with a series based on the player’s interest.

Difficulty level

Next, choose a suitable age group.

There are 3 age groups: [i] primary 1 & 2, [ii] primary 3 & 4, and [iii] primary 5 & 6. Answers* for the puzzles in each age group are mostly from Ministry of Education’s (MOE) target vocabulary list for each primary school level. Hence, the older the age group that a stiXzzle puzzle belongs to, the more challenging the puzzle.

Besides age, the player’s Chinese proficiency is also a consideration.

For example, if a primary 4 child has an excellent command of the language well beyond primary 4, a puzzle from the primary 5 & 6 group may be more suitable. On the other hand, if the child generally finds primary 4’s materials too challenging, a puzzle from the primary 1 & 2 group may be just the right fit.

In essence, it is all about choosing a stiXzzle puzzle that is not too easy or too difficult, but just right. An achievable challenge for the player. Achievable challenges can be fun and confidence-inducing. Unachievable challenges are not fun and ego-busting.

* An upcoming post All about stiXzzle answers talks more about the answers and achievable challenges.



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