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Introducing "Guess Chinese Character"

Chinese characters are like Lego? So many types of parts which are so similar yet so different. Bewildering to pick the correct parts to use esp under Chinese spelling 听写 or exam pressure?

Why not harness the power of play & “a picture says a thousand words”?

Play Guess Chinese Character.

Figure out the parts based on their respective pictures.

And, presto! The character appears!

Much easier to differentiate & remember pictures of the parts ("sun & green"; "eye & green") than the characters 晴 & 睛. Right?

Gain not just fun practice, but also better character recognition & memory retention.

Characters are from MOE approved textbook 《欢乐伙伴》/《华文伴我行》for Singapore primary/secondary school Chinese syllabus .

This fun Chinese word game is debuting 14 Mar 2023 at FunChineseWordGames.

Mark your calendar!


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