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Preview: Food series - set B

stiXzzle - Food series. Set B's puzzles: "Vegetable",  "Fruits & nuts".

This set has 2 stiXzzle puzzles

  • Vegetable

  • Fruits & nuts.

For this preview of the “Vegetable” puzzle, 2 clues are shown.

stiXzzle - Food series. Clues for Set B's "Vegetable" crossword puzzle. Vertical – D6. 炒饭里那些青色的豆豆可不是青豆,而是 __ __ (peas)。  Horizontal – F5. Clue: sugar snap pea

Need some inspiration? Check out the 2 hints. Have fun solving them!

stiXzzle - Food series. Clues & hints for Set B's "Vegetable" crossword puzzle. Vertical – B6. Clue: 炒饭里那些青色的豆豆可不是青豆,而是 __ __ (peas)。 Hint: 第一个字的汉语拼音是 wān.    Horizontal – B5. Clue: sugar snap pea.  Hint: 第一个字的反义词是:苦

Got it? Yay! You can check your answers at

Sorry🤪, but you can’t have fun pasting the answer stickers since this is a virtual preview. 😉

To get the answer stickers & the rest of the fun, go to Food series - Set B.

What you will be getting

An all-in-one play & learn bundle. need to tell the kids that they are learning & revising their Chinese while playing.

Just let them have fun with the 2 stiXzzle puzzles for the age group you choose (the one in the preview is for 9 years & up; the others are 7 years & up, and 11 years & up).

You will get:

  • 1 puzzle grid card (double-sided)

  • 1 clue card (double-sided)

  • 1 hint card (double-sided)

  • 2 packs of stickers

  • 1 answer sheet.

Note: stiXzzle answers are mostly from MOE's character list for primary school Chinese.


Get stiXzzle puzzles for your 👧 👦 👩 🧑 from


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