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What does a stiXzzle puzzle look like?

Fun comes in packs.

Each pack has 2 stiXzzle puzzles (puzzle card + clue card + hint card + stickers). Answers included of course.

A picture speaks a thousand words. So, the picture shall speak ….

stiXzzle puzzle comprising a puzzle card, a clue card, a hint card & stickers.

Anti-clockwise, starting from the top, for the cards: puzzle card, clue card and hint card. And, of course the stickers .

The cards are A5 sized (i.e. half of the ubiquitous A4 paper). They are printed on both sides, with 1 side in colour and the other in black & white (so that all it takes is a glance to tell the puzzles apart).

Each puzzle/clue/hint card is printed on both sides. One side is printed in colour and the other in black & white. This helps to tell the 2 puzzles apart quickly visually.

Besides looks, there are other differences between a stiXzzle puzzle vs the usual crossword puzzle. More in upcoming posts.



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