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Want to send some stiXzzle fun as a gift?


Each set of fun has 2 stiXzzle puzzles. Choose from one of these:

  • About Me series – set A:  This is me, My body
  • About Me series – set B:  My family, My home
  • About Me series – set C:  My school, My CCA
  • About Me series – set D:  My day, My outfit
  • Food series – set A:  Breakfast, Lunch & dinner
  • Food series – set B:  Vegetable, Fruits & nuts.

To find out more about stiXzzle fun, please go to Shop – stiXzzle to see the product description for each set of puzzles.


Fun can be had for various age groups. Puzzles for higher age groups are more challenging Choose from:

  • 7 years & up
  • 9 years & up
  • 11 years & up.


We include a complimentary gift tag with your selected puzzles. 

If you let us know your message, we will also handwrite it on the tag.

stiXzzle gift (2 puzzles)

  • For you, joy.

    For your gift recipient, he/she will receive:

    • 2 stiXzzle puzzles for the age group you choose:
      • 1 puzzle grid card (double-sided)
      • 1 clue card (double-sided)
      • 1 hint card (double-sided)
      • 2 packs of stickers
      • 1 answer sheet
    • A gift tag (which can double up as a bookmark) with your message.


    p.s. The image on this page is an artist's impression and may not depict actual contents or scale.

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